Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blog Post #9

This is an image of a chalkboard that says An open letter to Educators
An Open Letter to Educators

I think that a large percent of the population has come to terms with the reality that the education system has remained relatively unchanged. I've had some of the same experiences that Morgan has had such as having problems focusing. Also, I've had professors who only give a midterm and a final. A professor that only gives 2 major tests in 1 semester is really the worst case scenario for me. If I absolutely have to be tested, I'd rather have 20 tests than only 2. By doing this,it leaves more room for error which is a concept I don't think many professors understand. As the old saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and I'm sure not many people have the mental stability to flat out ace a huge test when they've never been tested by this professor before. At least give me a quiz first. Please???

Concerning Dan Brown, I think he got his point across pretty well but I don't think he should have dropped out of school. His excuse for dropping out of college was an excuse that 70% of my friends used who dropped out of high school. Where are they now? Jobless, broke, and wishing they hadn't.

However, like I said before, despite Dan Brown dropping out of school, he did make some good points. Information is free in this day and age and we, as college students, pay hundreds of dollars to obtain it. I agree with Dan Brown that it is easier to just search for the information needed.

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ALEX(Alabama Learning Exchange) is a website dedicated to keeping schools in Alabama connected. This website allows teachers to share lesson plans, has websites for administrators, teachers, and students to visit, and it even has a "podcast treasury". There is also a link to the courses of study/objectives for every grade level.

Do I see myself using this on a regular basis? Not really. While the websites are great and it's nice to have different lesson plans to look at, I find the blogs and websites that I am using in this class more efficient for my purposes. However, one good thing about this website is the podcast page, where you can make them for other districts to hear. I recommend this as a site to glance at every now and then.



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    I decided that we all need a slight bit of a "holiday" for the 4th. So you got to skip C4C Number 9; my associates got to skip comments on your post due 7/5 (Bayda, ALEX AND ACCESS); and I am doing this "group" comment for everyone who posted on time or by the "corrected” date (tonight at midnight) which means that if you get this message you were recorded as having submitted your post on time. I thought that your posts on Morgan Bayda's blog were good. Some were especially interesting and generated a personal email from me.

    We are moving into the final two weeks of the term. Only one more full week exists before the week in which your final project is due. It should be a significant project that demonstrates many of the tools you have learned to use and skills you have acquired in EDM310. It must be collaborative. If you have any questions about this project we should discuss them in lab tomorrow (Thursday July 8, 2010). There are only 12 days left in which to complete your final projects!

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