Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Post 11

This is a photo of the alphabet that has kids' faces in the letters.
The first graders in Mrs. Cassidy's class are very lucky students! I would have loved to use a Nintendo when I was in the first grade. I think her teaching methods are good because they are hands on and encourage the building of social skills. I think it is great that students are blogging, using wikis, and making videos while being able to explain how to do these things. I think I would use a wiki in my classroom as a start to collecting research for projects and I will definitely be incorporating making videos into my classes.

One obvious obstacle for using this techniques is where is the money coming from? What if there is not enough money to buy an adequate amount of computers? Well, if there is no possible way to get money through grants or whatnot, I can utilize one of Mrs. Cassidy's lessons: sharing. However, the biggest obstacle that screams out in my mind is lack of cooperation with those "above me". Filters are eminent in school computers, they block everything that can allow you to talk someone. At least that is how it was when I went to school. I think this could be easily overcome by explaining my purposes and asking politely to lift the filters.

What will I benefit the most from? Watching my students learn. I think a lot of people are on common ground about tests being faulty learning methods. I don't want to see my students filling in bubbles. I want to see them engaged and interacting with one another. In my future I see videoed debates, videos of students acting out stories, essays posted onto blogs, and students coming into my classroom eager to learn.

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