Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Post 13

Alba Middle School Students' Videos
These videos were dead on depictions about what is happening in the Gulf. The media focuses on Louisiana and Florida, and it is great that these middle school students are letting people know what is happening in Alabama waters. Everything fit perfectly in these videos, the music, the footage, the words that they used. These videos honestly made me cry. We may have tech-literate society in the future but what about our natural resources? You cannot capture the true beauty of a beach from a computer screen.

What I thought about this:
Hi my name is Nichole Hassell and I am also from Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I love how the oil spill is personified in this video and given a nasty voice to go with its ugliness. I think it is great that this class is taking part in having a voice for the future of our beaches on the Gulf Coast and is encouraging people to help clean the beaches. Thank you for sharing this video and keep on making more, videos are great ways to express your feelings!

My comment on this video:
This video made me cry. Words are hard to come by when trying to express the emotional turbulence behind this disaster, and this video really exposes those emotions and shows the real pain behind the oil spill. Humans and animals alike are suffering from this and this video is a great representation of both sides of the suffering. Please continue to make more videos because the ones that this class has made are great


Comments for Classmates

Martha Yim's Smart Board presentation
Wow! You can't really help but smile while watching this because of all of the enthusiasm! I love how you incorporated class participation in your demonstration. I think involving the whole class is important to engage learning, even a simple class discussion is helpful. Great and entertaining work!

Maeghan Whitemire's Interview
And on a side note, did your group have trouble with keeping your smart board oriented?

I thought this was a really good interview. I liked how you exposed Clare to what we have been watching in this class beforehand so she could express her views on it. Also, I agree that teachers should at least know how to e-mail and keep up with their students outside of the classroom. It is a lot easier to receive your work over the Internet when you are out sick for a long time than having to come to school periodically to pick it up.

Awesome interview, Meghan, and keep asking great questions!

Tyler Tuveson's Post on Mrs. Cassidy's Class
I am a Secondary Ed major but it was so inspiring to watch first graders achieve so much in this video. Before this class, I never would have imagined any of this. I think it is great where education is going and that we can be apart of it. Legal forms and all, I think it will be a great learning experience for us and our students.

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