Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung

This is a photo showing a pile of broken crayons.
This blog post, written by Mr. McClung, was a reflection of the things that he learned through his first year of teaching. Some things that he talks about are the importance of communicating with and listening to the students, being prepared to make mistakes, being open minded about mistakes and technology alike, and never quitting the learning process.

I think that there are many teachers out there that feel they've reached the end of the learning road now that they teach. The teachers that I speak of are enclosed in limited to their classrooms and follow rigid lesson plans with no hope for spontaneity or technology. I think it is a great idea to follow the reflective advice of Mr. McClung and in fact, I am.

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  1. Great choice Jessica! Mr. McClung's advise definately worth following.

    Reflection is so important. It is a major part of the learning process that many people leave off. Through reflection we sort-of realize what we have learned, solidifing the new concepts in our minds.

    Reflection is one of the best uses of a blog. I know the reflection exercises in EDM310 have been very effective and requiring students to keep a blog has been a big part of that success. In fact, last semester a lot of students in EDM310 learned the importance of "honest" reflection. If your are interested in the scinario go look at the "ZZZ" post on the class blog from last semester. Without honesty reflection is useless.

    Your blog looks great Jessica. Keep up the good work. SS