Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Current Status of my PLN

This is an image of my Symbaloo, which is a bunch of icons that have my bookmarks.
I began my PLN with my Twitter account. I have teachers on Twitter such as Dr. McLeod, Ms. Drexler, Kelly Hines, Dr. Howie DiBlasi and so on (60 in all). Also, after looking around Ms. Drexler's blog, I found the PLE video that one of her students created (before I realized Anthony posted it on his blog) and I created a Symbaloo, which is pictured above. I have also bookmarked many pages on Delicious such as Dangerously Irrelevant, TED, The Educator's PLN and many more.

So far, I have received a "Thanks for Following" message from Dr. McLeod and Dr. DiBlasi on Twitter and I've replied to Dr. DiBlasi on behalf of his Did You Know? 6 Video. I have also left a comment for Will Richardson concerning G-Portfolios, awaiting reply.

I feel confidant about my PLN and as I begin to feel more comfortable with it, and as it grows, I have a feeling it will be my most powerful teaching tool. I am going to use this in my classroom.

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