Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comments For Kids 1

A picture of a koala
The blog that I was assigned to comment on was 2KM @ Leopold Primary School. This school is Australia and that is what the blog post was based upon, a tourism video for Australia!

My post was as follows: The commercial for Australia really did make me want to visit! It was very catchy and everything looks so beautiful! Mobile is known for it’s bay but the waters in Australia look 10 times better.
Another thing I love about this commercial is the emphasis put on the animals. I love animals and right now, a large portion of our coastline is suffering from the Bp oil spill but the animals are being put on the back burner.
Anyway, I would love to visit Australia some day to get a hands experience of the beaches, wildlife, and of course the Sydney Opera House.

The teacher, Kathleen McGeady, said this: @ Nichole, thanks for your great comment. It’s nice having so many visitors from Dr Strange’s class. I am very impressed with what you’re learning in your course! I’m glad you liked the commercial. I’m sure if you came to Australia you would love all the animals, beaches and the beautiful Sydney Opera House. The BP oil spill is very sad and I hope it is resolved soon!

I thought it was very nice of her to comment back and now I have the urge to visit Australia. And after searching this blog, I thought it was in a very original format. It's not the kids necessarily doing the "posting" but the teacher posts questions for everyone to answer. I think that is a very neat idea.

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