Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A post on podcasts

A photo of the book Flat Stanley
By searching through all of these websites, I found a lot to learn about podcasts. I have previously listened to podcasts before this class but I never expected to listen to a first grade podcast... and enjoy it. I learned how simple it is to make a podcast, and from listening to the podcasts, how fun it can be.

I would like to add podcasts as a list of things to do with my classes when I start teaching. Forget about blogging about Shakespeare, we'll have Shakespeare radio. And concerning "vodcasts", the class can create Coleridge TV. The possibilities are endless.

Eagle's Nest Radio & Class Blog

This blog contains podcasts that are created by third graders and designed like a radio show. I thought this was a very interesting way to incorporate technology into the classroom. My favorite podcast was about explorers and the kids made time machine noises so they could back and "interview" different explorers throughout history.

I took a look around the website and also saw news videos that the students made. I thought these were so awesome, it really beats the coloring I did in 3rd grade. This is a link to Nicholas's video, which is a report on the Colosseum of Death in Rome. I give this teacher an A+ for her creativity in coming up with assignments.


This website has so many tools, blog posts, and podcasts on it! My favorite podcast that I found was one that had been done by first graders. They recreated the story of Flat Stanley by saying that they had all gotten flattened by their smartboard. The teacher then mailed them off to places of their choosing and the students described the places by the research that they had done. I really enjoyed listening to this story.

This website is full of ideas for the classroom. The owner is Silvia Tolisano and she is a Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist. I found this website very helpful and I have bookmarked it on Delicious.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

I found this website to be very helpful. It gives you a straightforward definition of a podcast, tells you how to make a podcasts, gives you tips to succeed in making podcasts, and many other helpful tips and tricks.

All of this information is designed for teachers and it even gives you a grading rubric. It also gives you ideas for what to make a podcast about. I listened to the example for the Tour of the Digestive System and could not stop laughing. I thought it was great that the students could have fun, learn, and act out body parts.

The Education Podcast Network

I thought this podcast website had the best definition of a podcast: "... imagine a merger between blogging (regularly posted articles of news, insight, fun, grips, literature, and more) and radio (an established broadcasting medium that people have listened to for news and entertainment for generations)."

What I liked most about this podcast network is that it isn't restricted to one main age group, such as elementary. This website has elementary, middle, and high school podcasts and is organized very well. Podcasts can be found by age group or subject, and there are even professional podcasts available.

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  1. Don't just put podcasting on a list of things to do in your classroom. Do it! Be a podcasting teacher!

    Thorough. Well written. Good links. Well done!